Jim Albanese

Brian and Geoff,

It’s been about 4 months since your team was onsite at 435 York Blvd (Albanese Branding expanded building) erecting walls, installing trusses and generally solving construction challenges as they came along.

There has not been a week in the past few months that I have not thought about how fortunate I was to have you both and your team on my project. You and your crew came on site and immediately impressed me with your amazing work ethic. However, it was over the three month period working with you on site that I really came to know and appreciate your integrity, commitment to doing things right, your construction intelligence, even your communication with your team and the cooperation with me and other contractors that leads me to believe that you guys are at the top of your class.

I see clearly why you are successful and am proud to know and recommend two fine brothers … the Schuit Brothers and your team.

I wish you years of success and look forward to working with you again in the future.

All the very best,

Jim Albanese


Albanese & Associates Inc.

Gary Groen

Brouwer Construction was awarded the contract to build Vineland Free Reformed church this year. I, Gary Groen as supervisor for this project had the privilege to have the Schuit Bros frame this church.  It was refreshing to see a framing company that took safety seriously.  Instead of me as the super always telling them to tie off and work safely, you hear Brian Schuit and Geoff Schuit reminding their guys to work safely. The owners themselves were always tied off even though it took a little longer to do the job.

Brian and Geoff are very professional workers and even when something was unclear with the drawings they were asking the questions days prior to when they needed so that the problem was solved before they got to it. When they said they were going to be on site, they were on site.  When I asked when something was going to be done, they gave a date and made sure it was done even if it meant to stay a little later to get it done.

Overall it was great to work with them and I hope I have the chance to work beside them again on another project.


Gary Groen

Nitsan Wienberg

Building my dream house for my family and I led me to conduct extensive research for the best trades, suppliers, and materials. As a person who is knowledgeable in construction and wanted only the best quality and workmanship for my dream house, I knew that all of that starts with good house framing. After extensive research and checking out many contractors and references, I decided to hire Schuit Bros. I cannot express in words how satisfied I was with my decision. The Schuits’ workmanship was outstanding. They delivered what I was looking for in a timely manner and provided the grounds for all the other trades to follow.